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100% Coconut Shell Charcoal is our one and only formula. We make sure to select the finest quality coconut shells from over than 20 islands in Indonesia, and we make sure that we produce them according to the highest quality level to make a product that earns the respect of our valued customers.
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Nammor Hose

Nammor Hose
The Nammor Hookah Hose is a 72" fully washable hookah hose made from a thick, yet flexible material that puts out huge clouds and is very easy to clean.
These hoses are just amazing! There is nothing like it on the market. The inner lining of the hose is made of a "thick-yet-flexible" garden hose quality type material, making it extremely easy to clean and will last you an untold amount of time. The diameter and thickness of the hose is the largest around allowing for great air flow and thick smooth smoke. The hose handle features a detachable mouthpiece making it easy to "sit-n-lounge."

The length of the Nammor hose measures 72 inches in length with a 12 inch handle.

The handle of the hose is detachable so you can easily clean and wash your hose from the inside. For best results just clean after each use and use warm water. Try using baking soda and lemon juice to keep your hose flavor free!

Hose style may vary.
Nammor Hose

How did we make it

How did we make it?

Winning awards and customer votes has been the most rewarding gift to our efforts. We have been voted best product of the year in more than 12 countries, best customer choice in 14. We have been voted best Eco Friendly product, and most creative natural product. See more

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Since 2005, our expansion has been progressive and our charcoal map has been expanding yearly if not monthly, and we are making the world shift to the Cube.
We have been expanding in the Middle East and the Gulf region, in Africa, Europe, Russia, in USA and many other growing markets.
Join us now and have our leading brand in your portfolio.