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100% Coconut Shell Charcoal is our one and only formula. We make sure to select the finest quality coconut shells from over than 20 islands in Indonesia, and we make sure that we produce them according to the highest quality level to make a product that earns the respect of our valued customers.
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Short Male Tips Bag - 85pcs

Short Male Tips Bag - 85pcs
Short Male Tips Bag. It includes 85 individually wrapped tips.
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Tips can be used when smoking with a group of friends or at a party to prevent the spread of germs. These Tips are individually wrapped in an array of colors.

  • Egonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • Lip comforting
  • Male fitting tips

These hookah mouth tips are the inside filling "male" style and, due to the large width of the end, will comfortably fit on the following hoses:

Nammor Hookah Hose, Khalil Mamoon Hookah Hose, Cobra Hookah Hose, Mya Wood Handle Hookah Hose, Washable Hookah Hose, Fifi Hookah Hose, Mya Long Handle Hookah Hose, Mya Wide Wood Hookah Hose, Ba Barkir Hookah Hose, and Pezon Hookah Hose.

How did we make it

How did we make it?

Winning awards and customer votes has been the most rewarding gift to our efforts. We have been voted best product of the year in more than 12 countries, best customer choice in 14. We have been voted best Eco Friendly product, and most creative natural product. See more

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Since 2005, our expansion has been progressive and our charcoal map has been expanding yearly if not monthly, and we are making the world shift to the Cube.
We have been expanding in the Middle East and the Gulf region, in Africa, Europe, Russia, in USA and many other growing markets.
Join us now and have our leading brand in your portfolio.